Simple World Starship

Using Simple World rules

Everyone gets:
Universal Translator
Stun Gun

Stats & Moves

Fast – Do something under pressure
Force – Hurt or restrain someone, being strong
Interact – convince, negotiate, soothe, read a person
Clever – read a situation, build or fix something, diagnose a person
Search – ask around, get information, look for something


o When you are fixing or building something, add + 1
o You understand how machines work. Roll + Search. On a 10+ you can ask 3 questions about the object. On a 7-9 you can ask 1 question about the object.
o You are good at getting what you need. When you are trying to find or obtain a part, you get + 1 to Interact.
o You have a complete ship’s manual. When applicable, it adds + 1 to Search.
o Add + 1 to Fast.


o When you are healing someone, add + 1.
o You have studied poisons as well as medicines. You can make poisons for sleeping and vomiting. Roll + Clever. On a 10+ the poison works. On a 7-9 the poison partially works. The person becomes sleepy or has an upset stomach. On a 6 or less, the poison is too strong and the person takes 1 harm.
o You are good at talking to your patients. You get to ask the Storyteller one free question about every patient.
o Add + 1 to Interact
o You have an infirmary which includes a workspace, a pharmacy, and 2 assistants.


o You have a very big stungun. When using it to intimidate someone, add + 1 to Interact.
o You have the ability to spot trouble. Roll + Clever. On a 10+ you can tell if anyone is intending to make trouble and have time to do something about it. On a 7-9 you can tell if something is wrong, but you can’t tell exactly what it is.
o Add + 1 to Force.
o When you are trying to arrest somebody + 1.
o You have a Command Center which comes with surveillance and 2 assistants.


o People rely on you to able to get things done. When doing someone a favor + 1.
o You can always find out if someone needs a favor or help. Roll + Search. On a 10+ you know exactly what they need and how to get it. On a 7-9 you know what they need but there will be a problem with getting it.
o You have files on almost everyone on the ship. When they are applicable, + 1 to Interact.
o + 1 to Clever
o When off the ship, you automatically adjust to local customs.

Simple World Starship

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