Second, select a class

Going a little bit out of order here, the best thing to do first is probably pick the class you want to play.

The 11 core classes (Barbarian thru Wizard) are all allowed with a special proviso for the Paladin if there’s an Antipaladin, see below.

I am allowing the:
Alchemist (which I can’t really describe you have to read it, it’s not a spellcaster),
Cavalier (think 1st edition sort of),
Gunslinger (think a highly specialized fighter with a gun, lots of sub systems you need to read and understand well to play this),
Inquisitor (hard to describe),
Magus (a fighter/wizard prestige class that’s been retooled to be a base class essentially),
Oracle (ram a Sorceror into a Cleric),
Summoner (hard to describe but the name is about right)
and Witch (another variant spellcaster that’s hard to describe)

because they’re all fun classes and we have a big enough group that allowing some unique things is a good idea. If you’re really tired of third edition one of these may fiddle your pickle.

The Ninja and Samurai I just don’t think are culturally appropriate, although if you can think of a way to make it fit in the game I will listen. It’s not an issue of they’re too powerful it’s an issue of they don’t smell right.

The Antipaladin is up to the other players. Seriously, if you really want to be an Antipaladin, you have to get everyone else’s permission. However I’m not going to allow a Paladin and an Antipaladin in the same party at the same time, that’s just silly.

Now it gets more complicated still:

1. Prestige classes do exist and every one of them is on an approval basis. Honestly I don’t think most PF prestige classes are better than the base classes, but some people want them sometimes. You have to do the research, find the class, explain how it will fit in the game, and work it all out with me. Something like the Eldritch Knight (hint, just be a Magus instead) or Arcane Archer are probably going to be fine. The Red Mantis Assassin is one that’s an example of what’s probably not going to be fine because it’s so particular to a given region, organization and interest unless you come up with a really good reason for how this would happen.

2. PF allows for yet another way to customize your character called a Class Archetype. These are very, very similar to second edition Kits because they tend to add something and take something away. Some of them are kind of radical and specific ones may be problematic, so these are on an approval basis.

To be honest I don’t often mess with these unless I have a very specific character in mind.

I’m not going to set a hard rule to not repeat classes, if you want to make six wizards go for it I suppose, but I will encourage you all to first do what’s fun, then second to try for variety.

I’m going to add a little section at the end here for you all to edit if you have a class in mind (set to Fancy Man by default). This isn’t “calling dibs” this is just to have a reference point.

Graham – Fancy Man
Jeanette – Fancy Man
Johnny – Fancy Man
Karin – Fancy Man
Kevin – Sorcerer
Steve – Currently leaning toward the Un-Bard.

Second, select a class

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