Infinite Mastery

While baselines must content themselves with a lifetime devoted to honing one area of knowledge, Novas suffer no such limitation. Some Novas have evolved their body’s capacity for selective training to a frightening degree.

This Enhancement may be purchased for any Attribute. Its cost is reduced by 1 when purchased for Strength, Stamina, and Appearance.

A Nova with his Enhancement may purchase as many Specialties for a given Ability in the relevant Attribute. Any Specialties over the first 3 cost 2 XP, instead of 1. Further, the Nova may only apply three Specialty dice to any roll.

Example: Neuron has Nova Lore with the Specialties: Power Sets +3, Elites +1, and Fighty Types +2.
If rolling to know about Pursuer’s powers, he would roll a maximum of three dice, even though all of his Specialties could apply to that roll.

Infinite Mastery

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