House Rules

Here are some minor rules tweaks I like to use:

3.5 Throwbacks

I will allow characters to decide if their Cleave feat works like the standard PF Cleave, or 3.5 Cleave.

No Hit Dice Rolls

To reduce book keeping and assure consistency, I use the following rules. Upon attaining a new level, characters do not roll their hit die. Rather, they do the following:

At first level all characters get maximum hit points. Note this is per character not per class, so you can’t be a first level fighter, first level paladin and first level barbarian at level 3 and get maximum hit points each time. Nor do you get maximum hit points for the first level in a prestige class.

At every other level, divide the maximum possible roll on the hit die by two, and add one, this is your hitpoint roll for the level. So a d6 hit die means I assume you roll a 4 at every level past the first one.

This is just for the hit points gained from dice only. Constitution modifiers, etc. will modify the final total gained for the level as per usual.


There are certain character concepts, like a wandering mercenary, Guts from the Berserk anime, Minsc from Baldur’s Gate, and even some interpretations of Red Sonja that are best simulated mechanically by the Barbarian, but the character him(her)self may not really be an illiterate person, or someone who has lived their whole life as a nomad, etc.

I allow players to instead call themselves Berserkers, which is a Barbarian except it can read and it comes from a society or the fringes of one rather than some tribe that chases a herd across the tundra.

House Rules

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