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What is Bluebooking?
For the uninitiated, bluebooking is a way to develop a plot line with a PC away from the gaming table. The term comes from those little blue booklets they sell in college for in-class essays, and no, I didn’t invent it.

This functions a bit like a narrative written by the player for the character. If it involves NPCs, sometimes it goes back and forth a bit as the GM guides the action of the PCs.

The goal of the bluebook is explore an area of the character that probably won’t see play, or to continue the action away from the game table.

A player can ask to bluebook something they want to work on, and I will agree or suggest alternatives. I also might ask for a bluebook about a particular topic if it looks like a certain sub-plot is better served by that medium.

I will post an example bluebook for a familiar NPC soon.

Bluebooking XP
This is an iffy subject. I generally prefer to award XP for effort, but I’m not eager to read novels about PCs and have them become monsters over night because somebody has too much free time.

Within reason, I will award XP for bluebooks. Generally between one and five. I want the bluebook to be relevant, however.

Aberrant Bluebooking

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