Rosy Carpenter

Future Texas Ranger.


w/2 advances

Agility: d8
Starts D6
Spirit: D6
Strength: D4
Vigor: D8

Grit: 1
Pace: 6
Parry: 4
Toughness: 5
Charisma: 0

Bad Dreams (Major)
Quirk (Minor) – particular attachment to her journal to the point of preoccupation if it is missing/stolen/destroyed or she doesn’t have near-immediate access to it
Lyin Eyes

Steady Hands
Quick Draw
Texas Ranger

Fighting: D6
Notice: d6
Riding: d8
Shooting: d8
Stealth: d6
Streetwise: d6
Survival: d6
Tracking: d6

Clothes: Boots, Chaps, Duster, Workshirt, Trousers, holster, stetson
Survival: bedroll, canteen, mess kit, 50’ rope, shovel, hatchet, trail rations, coffee, iron skillet
Horse w/saddle, saddlebags
Weapons: Winchester ’76 rifle, Colt peacemaker
Ammo: 50 rifle rounds, 50 pistol rounds, 20 shotgun shells

$500 ($250 from creation, $250 from taking a minor hindrance)
-297.75 for gear
= 201.25 cash left +$20.00 for expenses from McFarlane


The Photo Album that Never Was

Family Portrait: A rough ranch house in the background, animals wandering into the frame, a pretty mother in a prairie dress, a cheerful but weathered looking father, three little strawberry blonde girls dressed for church though you can see that the biggest has her dress already dirty. Smiles all around.

Rosy and a young man seated under a tree. She’s wearing work clothes and he’s dressed like he hasn’t worked a day in his life. She’s 14, he’s 18. She has a blissful little smile and he is whispering something in her ear. They are holding hands.

Same girl, same age, clearly pregnant and on a horse out among a few cows. It’s Sunday and her family is at church but she is home “sick”. She is staring off into the distance trying not to cry. One hand holds the reins, the other cradles her belly.

[Companion picture to previous] Portrait of the boy and his new bride at the alter. Dated same day. His new bride is dark haired and the pinnacle of ladylike manners and beauty. His father stands with the two newlyweds clearly proud as he performs the wedding.

A family portrait taken in a city home: A serious middle aged woman, her serious middle aged husband, and one blonde toddler.

The ranch house with one wall busted open and belongings strewn across what passed for a yard. The girl, grown up now, sitting on the front step with tear-stained cheeks and staring out into the distance. A bulging pack sits next to her and in her lap is a little clockwork frog.

Important events
(1)Rosy’s fairly peaceful and happy childhood.
(2)Rosy’s pregnancy at 14 by the son of the new preacher and the son’s marriage to another woman.
(3)Birth of her child and the child’s adoption by Rosy’s relatives in Austin.
(4)The murder of her family by monsters when Rosy was 18. Rosy was returning home from one of her long rides out on the ranch when she blacked out. She remembers finding her family slaughtered and has nightmares about what she saw while she was blacked out.
(5)Meeting Horton “The Rev” shortly after her family’s murder and deciding to get out of town and travel.

(1)Become a Texas Ranger and rid the world of monsters (both human and supernatural).
(2)Make sure her daughter knows her and understands why things happened the way they did.

(2)The people who took her baby don’t actually live in Austin, they live in New York City.

(1)Bill – the saloon owner in her hometown. Her confidant for most of her silly teenage musings.

Rosy Carpenter

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