The questionable war hero


Belief: Heroism is a sword best tempered with pragmatism.
Instinct: Instinct: Always assess the situation before acting.

  • Age 26
  • Home Sprucetuck
  • Fur Dark Brown
  • Rank Guardmouse
  • Cloak Grey

  • Parents Baeylie and Laird
  • Senior Artisan Erick the Mapmaker
  • Mentor Morton
  • Friend Beryl of Lockhaven
  • Enemy Tryndamouse

Nature (Mouse)5/5Resources4
  • Skills Survivalist 4, Weather Watcher 4, Cartographer 3, Fighter 3, Persuader 3, Deceiver 2, Loremouse 2
  • Traits Rational (1), Calm (1)
  • Gear Spear, map/scroll cannister, maps, lodestone, wineskin.

Poul was born in Sprucetuck to parents who were both members of the Guard. He was raised with the assumption that he would become a Guardsmouse and would prove himself a hero, writing wrongs and protecting his fellow mice, perhaps giving his life if need be. Despite a brief flirtation with cartography as a career path, his acceptance into the Guard at the age of 17 was less an achievement than it was predestination.

It was here that he encountered and trained with his mentor, Morton. Morton is a scarred and jaded old mouse, leery of heroism and foolhardy sacrifice. He drilled these traits into Poul as best he could and encouraged a healthy realism in his young charge. Everyone remembers a hero, but it’s better to be alive and remembering than dead and remembered.

Poul took the lessons learned at Morton’s side to heart, and upon graduating from tenderpaw status, he went out into the dangerous world to do the most good he could. Within reason, that is. It was not long thereafter that he found himself embroiled in the Weasel Wars. Everyone he knew was helping the fight in one way or another. His mother Baeylie fought near the scent border, and his father Laird acted as a special messenger between towns and guardmice in the field.

While ranging beyond the scent border, the seasoned troupe of a dozen specially-assigned guardsmen Poul was with was ambushed by weasels and slaughtered to a mouse, except for Poul. Though injured, he survived by pulling another guardsmouse on top of him and hiding as the carnage erupted around him. Two of the weasels set up camp nearby and created a cookfire to start roasting up one of the fallen guardsmice. Poul waited until daylight, slew one weasel in its sleep, and took the other from behind, escaping back across the scent border in the night. He survived by avoiding trodden paths and moving about by day, vigilant and wary of weasels.

He was hailed as a war hero, the only survivor of a fallen mission. Avenger and weasel-slayer he was, and too frightened of the consequences if he said otherwise. He came close to admitting the truth to his father once but the proud look in Pa’s eyes convinced him otherwise. He has kept up the facade ever since. He grows weary of people looking up to him, especially based on a lie.

He has admitted the truth only to Beryl, a miller mouse he loves and wishes he could spend more time with. Tryndamouse, and old childhood rival who has always disliked Poul, suspects the truth. No way some skinny mouse like Poul could defeat a pack of weasels and return relatively unharmed, the lone survivor. He smells Poul’s lie, but doesn’t quite know what the truth behind it might be.

He has come to view his parents and many other guardsmice besides as fundamentally flawed in their outlook. Morton was right. Pragmatism is the path of the wise, but that’s no reason not to make use of the talents and beliefs of others. Poul is ambitious, and is convinced Tryndamouse’s pull with local authorities and with certain powerful figures in Lockhaven has kept him down despite his reputation.


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