Nabnia (Aberrant)

Aberrant Character -Elemental Mastery (Force), Telepethy, Psychic Shield


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In process of tweaking the write up, but here is the raw form:

Julie Holden is a college student, at Standford University in California, with a Major in Business (because of her parents) and a Minor in Psychology (because how the brain works interests her). She believes that humans only use a small portion of their brain and wonders what they could be capable of if they could just tap into the unused portions. Her father, Jim Holden, works as a CEO for a fortune 500 company in New York and wants his daughter to follow in his steps. Her mother, Mary Holden, is the professional wife of an executive, with a party-planning ‘business’ on the side. It was not uncommon for her to start drinking before noon. Julie had to convince her dad that psychology would help her in business by helping to know and understand the competition or giving an upper hand during conference meetings, etc. With some help from her father, and a scholarship or so, Julie was able to pay for the Tuition, some food, and her Dorm. To pay for her books and the rest of her food, she did some modeling. These were very small time gigs, an example would be her in the background walking by as the main person would talk about the product. She also spent a lot of her time helping the Head of the Psychology Department with his research and other various tasks to try to soak up as much psychology knowledge as she could. Not necessarily having a lot of money to spend, she often rode the public bus to get around.

Her father Jim Holden, CEO of Siltech Holding Corp., the umbrella company for a lot of smaller industrial companies. Jim is most Notable for also having %50.5 of the companies stock shares. Jim would sometimes send her to some of their divisions to ‘learn in the real-world.’ These trips would make her miss some semesters, which is why it is taking her so long to graduate… not that she is really eager to waster her life in the business realm like her father is. The worst parts of the trips are when she comes back, and ‘reports’ to her father on how things ran at that division. After every trip, someone was fired, ‘relocated,’ or quit. After word spread, when it was declared that she was to ‘take a trip’ to one of the facilities, it seemed everyone would be doing their best to avoid her and look like they were busy. This just helped to make her dislike the trips.

Her favorite professor at Stanford, Dr. Silvia Markson, is the Head of the Psychology Department. Julie has tried to take every class offered from her, and has spent a lot of hours in her office helping her with her research. Silvia has been a great sense of support for her and has become the mother she wish she had. Silvia has opened Julies eyes into a career path that could be a lot more interesting. Julie often dreams of working for the government interrogating witnesses and profiling killers. Just the idea of studying how and why people do things is so much more interesting than making money.

The best times in her life that she can remember were when she was little and she would hang out at her best friend, Angela Simmons house in Syracuse-NY, where she grew up. She remembers their house being the first place she ever felt like her opinion mattered and that she was important. Angela was very bright and loved journalism. Her entire High School time she was on the school paper, and her last two years she ran the paper. She was accepted into a great school, and graduated in 4 years. Unlike Julie, Angela loved her future career path and couldn’t wait to get started. Angela is now a reporter in Washington D.C. and works as the assistant to the current presidential press room reporter from the New York Times. The only down side is she is stationed in D.C. so it’s hard to visit her.

Julie has a few contacts. One is her Modeling Agent in San Fransico, Tony Pizanni. He is Homosexual and stands out in a crowd. Julie met him at a bar she frequents off and on occasionally called Independence Bar, or I-Bar for short. Julie also met the bartender, Brad, at I-Bar. He has always looked out for her, and has been great to talk to. (He has a crush on Julie. She suspects, but doesn’t know this.)

Coming Soon(Maybe)… Eruption Incident

Nabnia (Aberrant)

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