Indigo Jones

Avid Experience Collector and Sometimes Adrenaline Junkie


Background: Re-instantiated
Faction: Scum
Morph: Olympian
Gender Identity: Female
Actual Age: unknown

COG: 10
COO: 15+5=20
INT: 20+5=25
REF: 10+15=25
SAV: 10
SOM: 20+20=40
WIL: 20

MOX: 5
TT: 8
LUC: 40
IR: 80
WT: 9
DUR: 45
INIT: 100
SPD: 2
DB: 4

Blades: 60
Climbing: 80
Clubs: 50
Disguise: 15
Fray: 80
Free Fall: 75
Freerunning: 80
Infiltration: 60
Infosec: 60
Infosec: 35
Investigations: 65
Navigation: 65
Networking: Autonomists: 65
Networking: Criminals: 35
Perception: 65
Persuasion: 20
Pilot: groundcraft: 35
Scrounging: 65
Swimming: 65
Unarmed Combat: 80

Art: Drawing: 60 *specialization cartography
Performance: 45 *oral storytelling
Interest: xenoarcheology: 40
Mythology: 45
Underground XP: 30
Language: English: 95
Hindi: 55
Cantonese: 55
Spanish: 55
Russian: 45
Profession: XP Production: 50

@-rep: 65
G-rep: 25
i-rep: 40

Morph traits:
Brave, Direction sense, Danger sense, Imcompetant (disguise), morphing disorder, edited memories, allies (other people on the VPN where she posts her XP)

Gear: 1,300 credits, COT, nanodetector, speck (2), medichines

Morph traits:
Exceptional aptitude (somatic)

skin pocket, radiation sense, enhanced hearing, echolocation, enhanced vision, carapace armor, chameleon skin, toxin filter, TRay emitter, grip pads, oxygen reserve, hardened skeleton, reflex boost, muscle augmentation.


+Extrasolar Exploration
+Artistic Expression

I once saw the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark while I was working off my indenture to a hypercorp. I didn’t, and still don’t, remember most of my time on Earth. I know it happened and I have snippets of memory: a birthday party, my Nana’s face (did she survive the fall?), kissing a man (did he survive? Would I recognize him if I ran across him?). I know that I was pretty boring, I had one of those average lives. Surely if I was extraordinary I would have escaped with more than my damaged (cleansed?) memories.

Anyway, I was watching Indiana Jones and I thought, “Fuck this! As soon as I get out of here I’m going on adventures.” And I do. I’ll do just about anything new to me. Stupid, crazy, near-suicidal. I’ve done all of that and if you impress me or give me good leads on a new experience I might give you the password to the exclusive VPN where I post my XP.

I’ve saved up for the best morph on the market for a reason. I love this body. I can’t remember whether or not I loved my body on Earth, but I love this one. I love being able to walk down a hallway and have my skin shimmering like it was underwater. I like being able to walk around without the restriction of clothes because I’m more tough naked than most people are with all of their bulky armor on.

Between adventures I travel with the scum train from habitat to habitat. I draw for credits and rep and I’m really good at drawing fancy maps. Sometimes I tell stories. I had a lot of time in hypercorp simulspace to catch up on every Earth story ever told and with a fresh coat of paint the people don’t even care that they already know the story.

I normally hate hypercorp habitats, but this scum ship is on Experia which means I am. I’m going to take this opportunity and see if I can find XPriya. I’ve seen some of her XP and I think we could take things to the next level once she has a morph as unusual as mine to play with. ;)

Indigo Jones

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