AI Ultimate Explorer


Background: Infolife
Faction: Ultimate
Morph: Remade
Gender Identity: Male
Actual Age: Unknown (numerous Numerous Alpha Forks of the core programming were combined to make the final AI, making his effective age difficult to pinpoint).

COG 25 (35)
COO 25 (30)
INT 20 (25)
REF 10 (30)
SAV 10 (15)
WIL 10 (10)

MOX: 4
TT: 4
LUC 20
IR 40
WT 12
DUR 60
DR 90
SPD 2(1)/2
DB 3

Academics: Computer Science 26
Academics: Cryptography 26
Academics: Genetics 26
Academics: Nanotechnoloy 26
Academics: Economics 26
Academics: Biochemistry 26
Beam Weapons 5
Climbing 6
Fray 50
Freerunning 35
Hardware: Armoror 15
Hardware: Implants 15
Hardware: Electronics 15
Hardware: Robotics 9
Infiltration 35
Infosec 55
Interest: Hypercorp Pol. 26
Interfacing 25
Kinetic Weapons 46
Perception 40
Prof: Security Ops 31
Prof: Squad Tactics 26
Prof: Engineering 26
Prof: Psychotherapy 26
Programming 55
Psychosurgery 8
Research 55

@-Rep 80
C-Rep 80

Ego Traits: Black Mark (3) Enemy (1) Modified Behavior (2), Real Word Naivete
Morph Traits: Tough (2), Uncanny Valley


+ Personal Development
+ Transhuman Survival
+ Wealth

Graf began life as Frag, a joint project between some military hypercorps, ailing governments, and a video game company. Their mission was to create an AI that could function effectively as a soldier. For the video game company, the goal was to make an AI that could provide an effective challenge to human opponents without “cheating.” Eventually Frag’s software incorporated emotional detection and reaction algorithms to aid him in psy-warfare, which resulted in his breakthrough to full AGI status.

The members of the game company got a sudden pang of conscience, stole Frag away and began upgrading him into a “human.” The ‘corps and the government gave up, because they needed a weapon, not a person. However, Frag’s base tactical response and aggression-pacification matrix was utilized in the TITANs.

During the Fall, Frag fought until his creators managed to farcast off Earth, and then followed them while blowing up their entire facility. His experience fighting the TITANs and conversing with at least one have scarred him much like a trip to a mental ward would scar many sane people. Since then, he has fallen in with the Ultimates, who seem to appreciate his dedication to the mission and don’t mind his odd social behavior as much. He accepts contracts for military or mesh work, whether hacking or programming.

Frag really likes people, but is terrible with them. He has learned the hard way to avoid letting people know he is an AI. He was inducted into Firewall after he nearly died preventing the Jovian Junta from taking control of a lost TITAN facility (Blackmark, Enemy). He cares for money only because it allows him to grow his capabilities. He is impulsively helpful, sometimes in a comical fashion.

He is on Extropia to pick up his new body, of which he is very proud. He will eagerly volunteer with maintenance, security, or whatever else the Hab needs.


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