Darius Rembrandt



There’s no polite way to put it. Darius Rembrandt was a washed up ex-marine and an alcoholic. After his service, he came home to find his wife Sarah had left, and everything he cared about had vanished. For a while, he found his only comfort was his bottle of Jack, and any casino that wouldn’t kick him out. Oh that’s right, his second close friend besides Jack was Lady Luck. At least she wouldn’t leave after taking everything you owned. Even if you were down big in debt, she’d still smile at you as you place your next bets. When Darius found himself in such debt, he’d usually get ruffed up and thrown out just as he was feeling his luck turn around. The beatings didn’t bother Darius though; he’d long since gotten numb to everything in life. Hell, he’d actually started betting whether or not the bouncers would kill him this time, what’s a few more punches. Lady luck can be a cold bitch sometimes. When not gambling away his Government pension checks, Darius wandered through the not-so-good parts of town looking for ways to make a quick buck. Small time hustles like fast talking a loan shark, or lifting the occasional gold watch, whatever he could get. He didn’t need it necessarily, another check would come, but it was always a game to him. Another roll of the dice.


Darius Rembrandt

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