Austin RPG Exploration Group

Ssn1Ep2: Tak, Tak, Goose

When the wormhole unexpectedly opens up and a person steps through, the hole in the wall and Vicky’s strange experience in the Badlands take a backburner to figuring out exactly who the newcomer is.

Tak looks like Rin’s son, acts like Rin’s son, and has his fingerprints, but something is weird about him. Did the warp do this to him or is is something else? What are his motivations and why did he decide to escape custody?

Dana tries to keep things in order despite the blustering of Mustang (who now has a healthy respect for Dana’s fist), but when Mustang foolishly lets Tak out of quarantine it looks like this situation may spin out of control. Now Tak, impersonating Mak (the doctor) is in a locked down trailer. Will Dana try to break in to rescue Mak? How will he know who is who? And what will he do with Tak once he does get a hold of him?

Vicky is determined to get to the bottom of things. There isn’t a secret, from Tak’s strange powers to his medical results that she isn’t aware of. Will she be the one to crack this wide open? and what was that mysterious rock left under her pillow?

Tai has turned off his communications and holed away in his trailer to “recuperate” though he hasn’t admitted why he needs it and it’s not like anyone would interrupt or question him, right? What will he think of Tak showing up?

Unofficial first get-together - Gamma World

Several of us met up at Epoch Coffee yesterday for a short game of Gamma World (4E based).

Traveling across the desert, Xereck, Davos, and Drake were lucky to find an oasis of sorts, Pete’s Tavern. It only served one thing, a sludgy green liquor out of a bathtub behind the bar. After a complementary round and some discussion it was determined that the drink was good and that Pete might have some gasoline for the pickup truck the group had been pushing & pulling around. When Pete disappeared into the back some menacing Sleeks appeared to kidnap Scooter, the sickly and not-entirely-in-tune-with-reality waiter. They almost made off with him but the party was able to defeat the Sleeks before Scooter became just another piece in the Sleeks strange plan. Pete offered the gasoline in exchange for the party rescuing the other hostages that the Sleeks had… for Scooter’s peace of mind of course… Pete wouldn’t really care about that sort of thing.

To the South there was an entrance to a cave between two hills where the Sleek were rumored to hide out. Going down toward the entrance (and between two cliffs) there was a gap in the road that had to be gotten over before they could reach the cave. After much messing with of buttons on a control panel alien technology was activated and a shimmery invisible bridge spanned the gap.

In the cave it quickly became clear that the Sleeks planned on feeding the two hostages they had to a land shark. Despite his best efforts to stay as quiet as possible to avoid the land shark sensing him, Xereck was not able to keep the hostages calm and they ran off screaming as soon as their bonds were cut. The land shark went down with a singed hole in his side courtesy of Davos, a crossbow bolt through his head from Xereck, and a face full of a nail-studded baseball bat from Drake.


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