Welcome to the Austin RPG Exploration group!

Tired of never getting to play really awesome games because we either didn’t have an established group or our established groups just weren’t interested, we decided to band together and be that group that will play anything. We also decided to be a group that shares GMing responsibilities so that no one feels like they are stuck in the position.

After nearly two years, we have done one-shots of Paranoia, Dread, Gamma World, Exalted, and Dark Heresy, dipped our toes into the water of Eclipse Phase and Mouse Guard, and played Aberrant, Deadlands, The Dresden Files, Apocalypse World, and Pathfinder. We are about to start playing Smallville (in space!). We have plans to explore many more.

If you’re interested in playing, send me a message. We are currently looking for one or two new players.

Austin RPG Exploration Group

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